Broadway Technology

Broadway Technology's new headquarters is located in Manhattan’s Financial District. This space is being designed to compete with the informal disposition of emerging tech office design by incorporating elements of hospitality and residential design. Although Echo has worked with many Tech companies in the past, Echo will be incorporating new innovative features such as live green walls and moving partitions. The plan of the office encourages fluid movement around the workspace that intersect communal volumes of a congregation. We consciously and thoughtfully implemented flexibility into the open work zones to meet the changing needs of the different employee user groups, while also creating an adaptable environment for after-hour events. Small private nooks, phone booths, and lounges are distributed throughout the office to provide staff with productive breaks from their workstations. Broadway Technology embodies a young culture of rapid innovation that likes to have fun so we designed a space that exhibits this.

BT Kitchen F2BT Kitchen F2
BT Townhall F2BT Townhall F2