Alley powered by Verizon, Chelsea

Verizon has an extensive array of companies and this is their first innovation lab, blending virtual reality and experimental technology. The experimental pairing of Verizon’s Innovation team with Alley’s community will create a collaborative environment for new ideas. Echo Design + Architecture oversaw the design, project management and construction phases for future-looking 15,000-square-foot workspace. Blending community and technology, the design incorporates space with multiple purposes and embraces flexibility and adaptability as crucial characteristics in today’s work environment and the future of workspace. Technology, products, gadgets, and even sci-fi movies played a key role in the inspiration for this project. These ideas coalesce in a large Virtual Reality section. This section includes moveable partitions that allow the walls to dictate various levels of privacy or changes to accommodate different scale events.

ALLEY VERIZON Maker renderALLEY VERIZON Maker render
ALLEY VERIZON reception renderALLEY VERIZON reception render