Alley Phone Booths

Other than the functional convenience of seclusion, the phone booths located at Alley provide different themed retreats from the workspace. Each phone booth has a unique identity which is captured in a condensed representation. The Ideas of the rooms are represented by both literal and obscure objects and details. They are inspired by diverse people, places and eras. They create an experience that lets you become an architecture student, rock-star, New York City tourist, or even an IKEA shopper for 15 minutes or so. We believe that the story of the space is as important as the design and the objects that go into it. The Echo Design team curates an experience that is not limited to any particular scale.

BACK TOWER (4 of 4)BACK TOWER (4 of 4)
BACK TOWER (2 of 4)BACK TOWER (2 of 4)